Neha Govil, Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator

Neha Govil, Founder of ThinkALOUD Coaching & Consulting

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Neha works with executives and teams at non-profits to help them visualize ideas and results that create a sustainable impact. She uses visual and kinesthetic tools for decision-making and is passionate about leveraging creative methodologies to help her clients achieve success. Neha draws on over a decade of experience working on organizational strategy, performance excellence, and change management and communications in businesses and nonprofits across the globe with two of the world’s largest human capital management advisory firms.

Events of the Speaker
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June 23, 2020
If you feel like you’ve come up against a roadblock trying to figure out a solution or a new idea, you need to try Mind Mapping! After this workshop, you will walk away with not just solutions but unquestionably the most effective tool in your decision-making toolbox!