Mike Reynolds, VP Ideation and Innovation Strategy, Stanley Black and Decker

Mike Reynolds, VP Ideation and Innovation Strategy, Stanley Black and Decker

Being with things as they are, letting things be

These are the words that have launched not just weekly mindfulness sessions for over a thousand Stanley Black & Decker employees, but also hundreds of innovation initiatives for the company globally. For Mike Reynolds, VP Ideation and Innovation Strategy at SBD, all of these things (need to) come from the same type of practice: If we can all be present for things as they unfold in the moment, then in their unfolding we will cultivate healthier relationships to them, from which new insights and possibilities arise.

For almost 3 years, Mike has been leading daily mindfulness calls and hosting a Mindfulness Workplace (Facebook) group for Stanley Black & Decker employees. He also heads up Innovation Everywhere, a Stanley Black & Decker innovation initiative aimed at inspiring thousands of employees to identify and solve problems using innovative approaches. To date, dozens of teams have engaged on high-value problems, driving efficiencies and creating opportunities for commercializable invention.

A long-time meditator, innovator, and strategy consultant, Mike has led market and innovation strategy at companies such as ThomsonĀ  Reuters, Pitney Bowes, IBM, and not-for-profit, ETS. Mike also holds and MBA from Dartmouth, an MA from Stanford, and a BA from NYU.

He is excited (in a meditative way, of course) to be leading a mindfulness session at the RISE conference this summer.

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June 23, 2020
How do WE, with our own fears and suffering, navigate through crisis and uncertainty? We will tackle this question through the idea of meditation, and perhaps come to the conclusion that in taking the journey to find our way through the crisis, it is possible we have already found it.