Chyla Graham, President of CNRG Accounting Advisory, LLC

Chyla Graham, President of CNRG Accounting Advisory,

With almost a decade under her belt as a certified public accountant (CPA), Chyla Graham, President of CNRG Accounting Advisory, LLC, is your chief resource manager; helping you navigate the accounting and fiscal tightrope walked by nonprofit organizations. How does she stand out? She flies trapeze, for a start. Yes really. Chyla has integrated flying trapeze into her off time for years, and has seen how its process flows right into her philosophy of organizational success. “We all start out needing guidance and support from someone experienced in what we are trying to accomplish. In trapeze, those support guides are the ones ON LINES, meaning they are literally on the ropes, or lines, keeping trapeze artists safe. Being on lines means providing feedback and coaching to those people navigating the air, and are the biggest cheerleaders of tricks done well.”-Chyla Graham

Chyla, and her company CNRG are your CPA “on lines”. Diving into the foundation of your organization, Chyla examines systems, training, processes, procedures, staff, and emotions to strategize a workable plan to use as a backbone that will keep your organization running smoothly.

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June 23, 2020
In this workshop, develop a vision and plan for managing your financials and engaging your board in support.