The Woodstock Effect: How Three Days of Peace, Love, and Music, Defined Philanthropy Forever

This workshop will lead participants in understand how focusing on growing your community rather than raising dollars will always lead to more sustainable philanthropy and how to do something about it.

At Woodstock, 500,000 people assembled into a cohesive, unified, and enduring community in just 72 hours. During the pandemic, organizations with a nourished and empowered community base found strong donor loyalty. In this workshop we will explore the background on “Why” focusing on building and nurturing your community creates sustainable donor investment and loyalty. We will identify the five elements that existed at Woodstock and exist in your organization today- People; Shared Purpose; Shared Experience; Shared Resources; and Trust; and we will explore what specific actions are articulated in each element. Then using your organization as a case study, we will build a simple but powerful framework for implementing community nurturing to create philanthropic loyalty.

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