“Let’s Get Coffee!” The Do’s and Dont’s of Powerful, Successful Fundraising – Build Strong Networks that Amplify Your Mission, Fundraising, and Career

In this engaging, 45-minute presentation for development professionals, board members, and nonprofit leaders, nonprofit growth coach Catherine Ashton will teach you:

-What the most successful fundraisers know about building a network of engaged advocates and potential funders.

-The #1 social media platform for fundraising, and how to leverage it to find funding decision-makers, leaders, donors and ambassadors
for your work.

-The secret weapon for successfully unearthing the untapped connections of you, your team, and board to grow your network of leaders
and funders.

-How to unlock long-term fundraising success that cuts through the noise and opens doors throughout your career.

“Let’s Get Coffee” will walk participants through networking best practices gathered from nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs and grant officers, then explore a case study on how nonprofit professionals can leverage LinkedIn to connect with key funders and supporters. Participants will then brainstorm how to expand their own networks, identifying actual and realistic next steps.

At the end of “Let’s Get Coffee”, participants will have created their own relationship mapping blueprint so they can immediately begin connecting with potential funders, board members, and supporters.


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