Conference Concept

RISE is a day of hands-on productivity. Nonprofit CEOs, Managers, Board Members, and Volunteers will come away from this conference with a binder filled with plans, tools, and templates to implement the very next day.

Our personally vetted workshop conveners have built each workshop to offer facilitated,  immersive training, leading participants out of uncertainty into purposeful, defined action.

As we move out of the COVID pandemic into redefining nonprofit work:

We want nonprofits to feel empowered in the midst of their disruption.

    • Our Welcome Presenter Joelle A. Murchison, and Keynote Speakers Mimi Gonzalez and Dr. Michelle Stronz have strong messages for you at the conference, words to remind you of your leadership position, your power in mission impact, and your value to our nation.

We want you to forge valuable tools and craft a clear strategy out of chaos.

    • The 20 Hands-On Workshops available to you in this conference will give you a road map of strategy, plans, and the specific tools to build out the next twelve months of fundraising, visioning, marketing, financial management, organizational leadership, technology integration, and professional growth.

We want to equip you to level up like the warriors you truly are, striking your path toward opportunity.

    • Participating in these interactive, small group workshops gives you ample access to one on one tailored production of ideas and plans for your specific requirements with an expert in the field of need.

We want to encourage you to set forth the vision needed to achieve your mission.

    • Four Strategy Specific Workshops in this conference help you mind map your future, or establish a new level of normal that exceeds all previous expectations in funding, board leadership, and program impact.

We want to ally as partners, guiding and supporting you as you climb this challenge.

    • In a time when there is SO MUCH to consider and so many ways to gain insight, this conference is the one place to get all of your nonprofit planning and strategy building completed.

We want you to RISE.

What Happens Next?